i have a request to make

would anyone please make this object base game compatible for me?

it’s from the fast lane sp, called va va vroom or something

i’d love you a lot of you could do so! or if someone has done so, could you please link me to it? thanks a bunch!

pic: ritsuka @ lj

after talking to live chat and finally got the code after a bunch of security questions

because of my problematic hacked email…

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Here are two more from this bunch. Both are 10x10 and completely unfurnished.

The first thing you should get are these two sets by Mutske:

  1. Perfect Fit Windows

…because I use them everywhere (including these two builds). When something is missing or doesn’t look right I use those - there’s rarely a build without even one piece from those sets.

White Alpine

White Brick Nook

Both folders include:

  • sims3pack
  • library file
  • preview .jpg
  • patterns for the brick (and stone for WBN)

Trash cans are from Dragon Valley but if you don’t have it the game will probably just replace it with regular ones. 

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Rachel Franklin Announces CAS Demo Early Access Signups



All you have to do is provide your email (the one linked to your Origin account) in The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo box on the home page.


Spots in the early trial experience are limited and not everyone will be invited in. If you are selected to participate, you will receive an email invitation with full instructions at some point in the next two weeks.

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous: /post/68264719216 will u upload this house ?? so pretty !!

um hey anon. i switched to a new new notebook and did not plan to keep my sims 3 data, so it is lost…… ;-;

TS4 CAS Demo - check your Origin privacy options


For those of you still hoping to get an invite to the TS4 CAS Demo in the next round(s?) of invites - check your privacy options in Origin. According to a post I saw on FB this afternoon, if you have opted out of receiving promotional emails from EA, this may be what is preventing you from receiving an invite.


those wanting to receive the invite, perhaps opt in for emails through origin/thesims3.com?

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