… does anyone actually miss me?
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A Georgian Townhouse in Edinburgh Remodeled for an Artist by 

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v house | stair ~ paz gersh architects

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Jun Igarashi Architects created ‘Case’, a house located in the suburbs of Sapporo. The site is a typical suburban subdivision. In order to take full advantage of the small 50-square-meter building space, the architects built up, integrating wooden lofts that add 30 meters of extra floor space while keeping the residence open and bright. Curved staircases connect the different elements and integrate a playful element. To provide an external buffer, steel wires were stretched from the roof to the garden, providing a support for climbing plants that create a green exterior ‘wall’.

so i was clearing off embarassing evidence of stupidity on my facebook profile and look what i found, the very first pictures of my sims like three years ago in this 4:3 shit quality

but i was proud of that flare from the ring. if you try it can happen hahah

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blue hues.

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i opened my game with the intention of making a barely-furnished starter, but as you can see — that didn’t happen. here’s (yet another) teeny tiny house for a plantsim :)

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Lil’ peek of the bar/kitchen area.

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Anonymous asked;
Town life is free temporarily for the sims anniversary , it works ! :)

ohh cool! thanks!

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is this for real?

sorry i’ve been away for too long so i never knew *sweats* clinched a good deal yay

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